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Family law

"Any deal is better than a long lawsuit. Forget all the reasons why it shouldn't work, we'll find one why it will work. "



Are you looking for a divorce lawyer with a human face? We will guide you smoothly through the divorce process.


- consultation, understanding the reasons for the divorce, ensuring communication with the other party,

- assessment of jurisdiction, jurisdiction of courts and applicable law in divorce from a foreigner,

- filing for divorce and uncontested divorce and representation in court,

- arranging contacts for a mediator or psychologist,

- assistance in communication with OSPOD, UMPOD.



Property settlement of spouses


- representation in negotiations on the content of property agreements,

- reduction, abolition of the spouses' joint property,

- an amicable settlement solution,

- assessment of the jurisdiction, jurisdiction of courts and the law applicable to property settlement with a foreigner,

- court settlement,

- measures against the removal of property from the joint property of one of the spouses



Does the other parent prevent you from contacting the child? Do you know what criteria the courts consider when deciding on childcare? I will provide you with legal support in the process of adjusting relations with children.


- a legal analysis of your specific situation and a proposal for childcare options and options,

- ensuring negotiations and communication with the other parent,

- draft agreements, alternating, exclusive, joint care and their variants,

- precautionary measures,

- assistance in international child abductions,

- criteria for determining the amount of maintenance.




According to constitutional principles, every parent has the right to care for their child to the same extent.


Article 7 (1) of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: "Every child shall be registered immediately after birth and shall have the right from birth to a name, the right to a nationality and, where possible, the right to know and care for his or her parents."


§ 865 par. 1 of the Civil Code: “Parental responsibility belongs equally to both parents. Every parent has it, unless he has been deprived of it. "

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