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Welcome to the Law office Szwarc & Szwarcová legal

Are you getting divorced? Are you dealing with the child custody, or do you sell an apartment? We stay with you from start to finish. We take over a complex negotiation with the other party.

We will assess your case first, calculate the price estimation for legal services, and then you can decide whether you handle everything yourself or turn to us.

There is nothing worse than not having the right information and playing the game with the wrong cards. Stay one step ahead of your opponent.

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Together we will handle everything necessary. Quickly, even without your presence.

Having trouble deciding? A factual consultation with an expert can move you in the right direction. No one else can solve it for you.

If you prefer to manage things yourself, we can just give you a consultation or to prepare the divorce papers for you. Or you may use our help and leave everything to us, including representation in court.

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Have you been paying off the mortgage on your spouses house? You have the right to return your input, i.e. the value what you spent on your spouses exclusive property, including its valorization.


Don't walk away from your marriage empty-handed. We will advise you  what you are really entitled to.

Does the other parent demand disproportionately high maintenance from you, or are you, on the contrary, in a position to get paid too little from the other parent?

Thanks to years of experience, we can estimate a reasonable amount of child maintenance/alimony and defend this amount in the court.

Children have the right to share their parents standard of living.

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Commercial and civil law

Purchase, sale, apartment, house, land, cooperative share, reservation contract, real estate cadastre


Advice and representation in the field of insolvency and insolvency proceedings

Preparation of insolvency petitions and applications for insolvency proceedings

Trust fund



Legal advice on the use of trust funds for the management of family or corporate property.


Establishment of a private or public trust fund, setting the rights and obligations of the founder, administrator, intended,


Our team

Mgr. Jan Szwarc

Commercial and civil law, real estate, insolvency, public procurement

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Mgr. Martina Szwarcová

Family law with an international element, divorce, property settlement of spouses, adjustment of relations with children, real estate, real estate law

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Zlatnická 1124/7, 110 00 Praha - Nové Město, Czech Republic

Telephone: +420 603 288 571

Telephone number: +420 776 105 670

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